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Word from the General Manager

Welcome to the POLYTRANS website, we make available useful information and a friendly platform for you. It was Created on December 28, 2001 by its founding fathers POLYTRANS which has made available its huge experience at the service of importers and exporters.
POLYTRANS is an ambitious and professional team that provides its customers and partners with support and a guide in import, transit, customs clearance and delivery procedures, while making them more efficient, competitive and efficient today and tomorrow. Offering our skills to our clients is a fundamental value that not only defines our integrity and moral values, but also makes our difference.

Thus, the polytrans team is aimed at providing services in order to suit the needs of our customers and partners.


Our Mission

Accompany and train our customers in import, transit,

customs clearance and delivery of their merchandises

17+Years of experience
100MSales figures

About Our Company

We are driven by the desire to go above and beyond, in order to find solutions that are adapted to each client and each situation. Our list of services is complete and includes:

  • Leaving Di
  • Import Tracking
  • Transit
  • Clearance
  • Removal
  • Delivery
  • Clearance Records


Thanks to our team of young dynamic, motivated, qualified executives with an experience of 5 to 35 years, we always adopt our services to the needs of our customers. We want to be the partner of your supply chain to make you more efficient, more competitive, more efficient TODAY and TOMORROW.

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