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Air and sea consolidation

Whether by sea or by air, and even by road, the principle of groupage is that, the company does not have enough goods to fill a truck, a container or, of course, an airplane on its own, the goods will travel with other goods.
Of course, before, this could be the case, in maritime for example. Even if a container was filled, it joined other containers on the ship. But at least the company was alone in its container. In groupage, she is no longer alone, her goods are accompanied by other goods from other companies, destined for other customers.

The principle of grouping is simple: several senders to several recipients.

Product preparation
In terms of packaging, the interests of the importer coincide with that of the exporter. The merchandise must arrive in good condition. Whatever the mode of transport, road, air or sea, consolidation requires that the goods be well packed. The reason is very simple: the packages will often be handled manually, in conditions that are not always “tender”.
It is therefore necessary that the products are well packaged and well wedged in solid packaging that can withstand stacking.

The documents
Now let’s move on to the documents. Internationally, nationally and intra-community, there is no need for the invoice.

The invoice will only be useful to me when I need to clear the goods on arrival. It is then possible to attach it to the accompanying documents with the transport document.

Loading and / or unloading
The problem of loading and / or unloading does not arise with groupage more than directly. Consolidation is an intermediate operation that allows intercontinental transport to be carried out. The issue of loading and / or unloading will be resolved by using the rule of Incoterms.

The same criteria are found in air transport as in maritime. Invoicing must include the elements given in the responses to the call for tenders.

Checklist of essential points


– Clearly define the Incoterms rule to apply

– Determine the place of application of the Incoterms rule

– Take care of the treatment of the elements

– Have the products wedged in the packaging by their supplier or agent

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