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How to import the goods ?

In order to import goods it is necessary to prepare some processes. Here is a non-exhaustive list of actions to be taken which can guide you in your efforts:

– Know the nature of the product and know if the goods can be exported from the country of origin;
– Ensure that the partner will be able to export the product with the correct authorizations;
– Know the customs codes and the origin of the goods to be imported. The applicable duties and taxes will be known after consulting the customs nomenclature;
– Organize transport: depending on the mode of transport and who organizes the transport, the incoterms and responsibilities will be different. If you are the importer, it is necessary to have an EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification). The request can be made to Customs;
– Choose and manage payment techniques;
– Organize the customs clearance of the import: you will have to give several documents to your transport provider in order to allow the customs clearance of your goods.
Be careful to check the issues related to counterfeits and European conformities (European certificate of conformity for certain products).

How to export the goods ?

Exporting is the most efficient way to expand your markets, but it is important to limit the risks. As a general rule, Cameroon favors the exports of companies, only the case of dual-use goods can lead to confusion.

A dual-use good is a product (including software, technology or know-how) that can have civilian as well as military use. Export is not prohibited, but tightly regulated by the Community Export Control Regime.

If your products are affected, you will need to obtain an export license and know the exact nomenclature of your merchandise.

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