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Label made in Cameroon 

About a hundred products are labeled Made in Cameroon in the food industry.

It is just a year since the Made in Cameroon standard was officially presented to the public in Edéa at an exhibition fair for local products, and the document submitted to the Secretary General of the Ministry in charge of Mines. This is the latest label created by the Association of Ingenious Entrepreneurs of Africa, the Ministry in charge of Mines and AB Certification Africa Sub-Saharan SA.

Today, Cameroon is moving towards around a hundred labeled products: they are found in cosmetics, food processing (plantain flour, cocoa, natural drinks), wine as well as health products. A large number of local businesses are affected. “This label has enabled our products to have a concern for continuous improvement. Made in Cameroon proves that our products are made up of 90% local raw materials and also gives a certain assurance to our SMEs “explains Florence LISSOUCK MOUAHA, Company Manager.

Regarding its operation with small businesses, Jacques NDEDY, Administrator-Director of AB Certification Africa Sub-Saharan SA explains that the process is well oiled. On the basis of a report issued following a diagnosis made by an audit firm, a labeling committee decides and whether or not to grant the Made in Cameroon Label to a brand or company for a period of three years. It also receives logos to be affixed to the various products selected. A request to extend the scope of labeling to other branded products, filed by the applicant company, is necessary.

(Source: Synthèse Cameroon Tribune N ° 12071 of April 08, 2020)

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